Don't Let Termites Destroy Your Property

Choose us for termite control services in Cape Coral, FL and surrounding areas

Termites are one of the most common causes of property damage. Over time, these pests can weaken the structure of your home or business, making your property less safe. Turn to First Call Pest Control for thorough termite control in Cape Coral, FL and surrounding areas. You can count on our team to perform a termite inspection and inform you if you have a pest problem. From there we can locate and remove any termites with a comprehensive economical termite treatment.

To prevent future infestations, we'll install an effective chemical barrier. Our work comes fully warrantied. Schedule our services today.

Find out if you have termites with a Free Termite Inspection

Find out if you have termites with a Free Termite Inspection

You should reach out to us for a termite inspection if you notice:

1) Flying insects inside the home with large iridescent wings

2) Fine pellets falling out of your wall, ceiling, or baseboards.

3) Water staining on your baseboards.

Our termite control methods will ensure that you don't have to worry about pests causing costly issues on your property. Having termites doesn't mean that you will have your bank account and your house destroyed. Before you call the large national companies for a quote make sure you call us first and save yourself money. Call 239-247-1534 today if you're worried about termites.