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When you're cleaning up after dinner or snacking on the sofa, the last thing you need is for ants to show up. Hot and humid weather are constants in the Cape Coral, FL area, but bugs don't have to be. Let First Call Pest Control be your trusted ant removal team. We can exterminate the most annoying pests from your home.

Consider your ant problem squashed. With 20 years in ant pest control, we've developed customized treatment plans that quickly and efficiently deal with all types of insects and rodents so you won't have to.

Call us now to speak with an ant removal specialist and put a stop to your ant invasion.

Stop ants in their tracks

Stop ants in their tracks

Take care of pesky ants fast with our comprehensive ant pest control services. When you schedule an ant removal appointment with us, you'll get:

  • A full home inspection to determine entry points
  • A complete ant removal of existing colonies
  • An entryway sealing to keep ants from returning

We also offer home restoration services to assist with remodeling or repairing pest damage. Schedule ant pest control services with us today.