First Call Pest Control Will Put Your Spider Fears to Rest

Our spider removal team in Cape Coral, FL can rid your home of 8-legged creeps

With so many venomous and biting varieties out there, spiders can be harmful to humans, especially when they invade your home. Protect your family and pets from these potentially dangerous and downright creepy pests by scheduling spider removal services.

Call First Call Pest Control when you need immediate spider control in the Cape Coral, FL area. With 20 years in the extermination business and a knowledge of all of Florida's spider types, we can safely complete spider removal services in your home.

Keep spiders out of your personal space

Keep spiders out of your personal space

Spiders can hide out in all kinds of dark, out-of-the-way places on your property, including in shoes and closets. If you suspect that you have an infestation, carefully inspect these common spider locations:

  • Under furniture, including tables and sofas
  • Under the bathroom sink or shower faucet
  • In cluttered rooms and storage spaces
  • Under doorframes that connect to the outside
  • In corners of the garage or under a work bench

Don't risk finding an unexpected guest in your house slippers. Schedule an inspection today, and let a spider control exterminator identify and eliminate spiders in your home.