Frequently Asked Questions!

Question: Can I just buy something to take care of bed bugs myself

Answer: chemical bed bug treatments and non-chemical bed bug treatments are done with a combination of different products that even the most trained professional can be stumped on sometimes. You want a technician with years of experience handling your specific situation

Question: can I treat one area of the house and not worry about the rest.

Answer: bed bugs can travel as far as 50 feet in one night. They only need to feed once every 10 months. Therefore they can be throughout the house and you not even know it.

Question: Are heat treatments a good solution to taking care of bed bugs?

Answer: heat treatments can do as much damage as they can do good. When you contract someone to perform a heat treatment make sure you read the fine print. They usually have you sign a waiver stating that they are not responsible for any property damage. This can be a big mistake.

Question: Are there any products that are chemical free.

Answer: here at first call Pest Control we have a variety of chemical, heat, and chemical-free treatments. Our chemical free treatment is actually fungus that we apply two different areas of the structure. It is completely safe for pets and people. But it will destroy the bed bugs.